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Image: Quote BlockAt Garnet Hill Rehabilitation and Skilled Care you’ll find an extraordinary lifestyle community! You will also find the compassionate and caring hands of a rehabilitation and skilled nursing team, as well as a specialized community offering many opportunities to socialize and simply enjoy life.

“My mother Loretta Anderson loves Ms. Tammy in admissions. She was very helpful in getting her moved here from NJ, and helping her to feel at home.”Bobbie Anderson

“My husband is on end of life care, the nurses and aids have been wonderful assisting in our needs.”Deloris Rodberg

“My mother Pilar Roberts has been here for several years. She has adjusted well and feels this is home now. The staff are very helpful in her daily needs.”Antonio Santos

“We LOVE Garnet Hill. Everything about this place is amazing. If anyone ask me do I know of a nursing home, Garnet Hill is always my suggestion, I recommend you highly. I can not say enough good things about Garnet Hill, we love it.”Rochelle Redpath

“My daughter Kristy has been here for 10 years. She was admitted at age 35 and Jim let her paint her room her favorite color green. This meant the world to both of us. The nurses are amazing and the CNA’s work very hard and do a great job. This place is super and we appreciate everything you do for us.”Karyn Patterson | April 7, 2021

“The best part of Garnet Hill is the cleanliness. My bed is always clean, and the room is immaculate. That is very important to people when looking for their future home. The staff are always very kind.” — Doris Belansky

“I have been very impressed with Karly Zelaska and Tammy. Their social activity programs are wonderful, but more importantly the care and concern they have for the residents are amazing. They send me photos and are constantly working to ensure the health and happiness of the residents. I really appreciate them both! I also receive a lot of positive comments from Leroy and Leanna on the food at Garnet Hill. Finally, I think the facility has done a very good job of controlling Covid to the best of their ability.”Joann Wilson

 “Garnet Hill is a spiritual place to live. The aids are very good at their jobs and always pleasant. The food is wonderful, and I enjoy living here.”Linda Swetmon

“The people are why I enjoy living at Garnet Hill. All of the staff are so kind to me and make me happy to be living here. Of course, I would like to live at home, but the people here make me happy this is where I live. It is always a cheerful place to be.”Anna Montgomery

“I am going to send a brochure to my friends in New Jersey so they can see the castle I live in. This place is immaculate. The staff are so welcoming.”Loretta Anderson

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